Full Name
Kayla Schwartz
Job Title
MD-PhD Student
University of Miami
Speaker Bio
Kayla Schwartz is an MD-PhD trainee as part of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Medical Scientist Training Program with a strong academic foundation, holding a Bachelor of Science in Biology with Honors from The George Washington University. Kayla has showcased remarkable research acumen; She began her career in science studying honey bees, trained as a postbac in the NCI Radiation oncology branch, and she is currently delving into areas such as cancer epigenetics, molecular bioenergetics, and clinical research focused on healthcare for Miami's houseless population. Through her research, Kayla seeks to not only advance biomedicine, but also advocate for healthcare access to vulnerable populations. Her leadership roles in various organizations, including the American Physician Scientists Association and Medical Student Pride Alliance, exemplify her commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity in healthcare. Driven by a deep-rooted desire to contribute to both scientific knowledge and societal well-being, Kayla looks forward to her future career as a physician scientist.
Kayla Schwartz