Full Name
Rohini Guin
Job Title
MD-PhD Student
Stony Brook University
Speaker Bio
Rohini Guin is a second-year MD/PhD candidate at the Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University and pursuing an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Science Communication through the Alan Alda Center. Her research interests lie in identifying the immune determinants of cancer, autoimmune conditions, and infectious diseases. She is passionate about groundbreaking science, but recognizes science alone cannot address health inequities and the access to medicines crisis. As such, she is heavily involved in organized medicine through the American Medical Association to advocate for better patient care and physician-led treatment. She is also working to develop an asylum clinic to support asylum seekers on Long Island. She currently conducts diplomacy-centered research with the Global Health Security Agenda Consortium to understand the role of the non-governmental sector in augmenting global health security. She hopes to develop actionable policy that can bring meaningful healthcare reform both domestically and abroad. Within APSA, she serves as the current Fundraising Chair and the Virtual Content Vice-Chair, and leverages these positions to continue providing high-quality training materials and travel grants to support future cohorts of physician-scientists. In her free time, Rohini enjoys reading, painting, and hiking.
Rohini Guin