Full Name
Carlos D. Bustamante, PhD
Stanford University
Speaker Bio
A Venezuelan born entrepreneur, Dr. Carlos Bustamante (Galatea Bio - CEO / Co-Founder) is one of the world’s foremost thought leaders in population genetics and genomics. He received his PhD in Biology and MS in Statistics from Harvard University (2001), was on the faculty at Cornell University (2002-9), and has made tremendous strides in advancing the American biotech infrastructure. Throughout the trajectory of his career, he's played pivotal roles as a Venture Partner at F-Prime Capital, SAB member with Digitalis Ventures, Founder of Arc Bio, advisor to numerous startups, and former Professor of Genetics / Biomedical Data Science at Stanford University (now adjunct). Dr. Bustamante was also awarded a MacArthur Fellowship in 2010 for his contributions to population genetics (mining DNA sequence data to address fundamental questions about mechanisms of evolution, origins of human genetic diversity, and patterns of population migration)
Carlos D. Bustamante, PhD